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Acounting & Audit

Accounting & Audit

C. Comishin & Associates Inc. specializes in providing timely financial statements for small to medium sized businesses and non-profit entities.

Our services include audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements. In addition, we prepare business and rental statements for personal tax purposes. Incorporations are completed in conjunction with lawyers and CRA.

If you are looking for financing or investors and require interim or pro-forma (projected) financial statements these are also services provided by C. Comishin & Associates. Budget and cash flow analysis are key components to a successful business. C. Comishin & Associates can assist in training or providing these tools for success.

Corporate Tax

For our corporate clients we prepare and file corporate tax returns including all schedules and GIFI forms. Some of the more common tax issues we deal with for our clients are listed below.

  • Asset transfer agreements and filing requirements.
  • Corporate business freezes including plans for crystallization of capital gains and corporate restructuring.
  • There are many shareholder benefit issues, which require expert advice.
  • Windups and amalgamations are difficult aspects which often improve corporate structures or
    are necessary under certain mergers and acquisitions. We will assist you with filing the correct
    information to CRA to make your business transition flawless.
  • Corporate structures, such as holding and sister company relationships.
  • Qualified small business share issues.

Personal Financial Training

Personal Financial Planning

C. Comishin & Associates will help you achieve your financial goals in the most efficient way, by discussing items like RRSP’s, TFSA’s, RESP’s, home buyers’ plan, life and disability insurance and annuities with you in a way that makes sense!. We can help you plan your future with our tax knowledge and cash flow analysis expertise. We work with all investment advisors in determining if your portfolio will meet your future requirements. No matter what your life circumstances are, we can help you transition through changes of your busy lifestyle with confidence!

Payroll Taxes

Payroll Taxes

C. Comishin and Associates can help you with all your payroll questions and issues including payroll audits, refund requests, amendments and filings. We also offer payroll services that will take care of everything for you,

  • Are you calculating the correct CPP, EI and tax withholdings for your employees?
  • Are you calculating standby charges and automobile benefits for your employees properly?
  • Are you taxing employee benefits correctly and are aware that some benefits are non-taxable?
  • Do you need an Employment Insurance ruling to determine if you are insurable or not?
  • Are you registered for WBC?
  • Are you familiar with all relevant rules under the Labor Standards Act?
  • Are you an employee or a sub-contractor?
  • Do you have employees working in another province?

Computer Consulting

Computer Consulting

We are familiar with all accounting software including the more common programs such as Quickbooks, MYOB and Simply Accounting.

C. Comishin & Associates staff members are Quickbooks Pro Advisors. We have the latest accounting software at our fingertips and we can provide in house or off site training for all types of accounting software.

Estate Planning & Trust

State Planning & Trusts

We understand that your life savings are important to you and we want to help you minimize your taxes upon death and leave your estate well organized.

We can help you to plan to prde for your significant others. Estate freezes, spousal trusts, alter-ego trusts, will analysis; probate and tax planning are all services we assist with.

Family trusts are a great way to distribute capital and profit to family members while keeping control of your corporation. C. Comishin & Associates can implement this and many other great uses of trusts.

Succession planning is extremely important to family businesses. Let us help you structure your company in a manner that allows your family business to continue on through generations or be sold effectively to an outside party.

Personal Tax

Personal Tax

Below is a list of some of the more common services C. Comishin & Associates provides for our personal tax clients.

  • Accurate electronic scanning and retention of all your original documents and paperwork.
  • E-file service year round, and two years in the past.
  • Preparation of Personal Tax return adjustments if you have any changes after filing your tax return.
  • Detailed investment calculation and cost base tracking.
  • Capital gain and loss calculation for property dispositions.
  • Business, professional and rental statement preparation.
  • Foreign and domestic residency issues.
  • Non-resident tax return and form preparation.
  • Referral to our professional and accredited US tax preparer associate.
  • Deceased returns including prior year, final, amendments and CRA Clearance Certificate application.
  • Alternative minimum tax calculations.
  • C. Comishin and Associates also aids in all review assessment, objections and appeal procedures for our clients.



  • Are you a small supplier?
  • Can or have you voluntarily registered for GST?
  • Are you a zero rated or exempt supplier?
  • Are you subdividing or developing land for sale?
  • Do you import or export goods or services?
  • Do you qualify to use any of the simplified accounting methods?
  • Have you claimed your input tax credits properly?
  • Do you need assistance in completing your GST or PST filings?

These questions and many more arise when dealing with GST topics, C. Comishin & Associates are your experts to straighten out any of your GST concerns.

Other Taxes

Other Taxes

  • Property transfer tax
  • Logging tax
  • Non-resident withholding taxes
  • Probate fees

These are just some of the other taxes which affect businesses and individuals which we are equipped to handle.



We provide bookkeeping services on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis at very competitive rates. The more involved we are with your business, the more accurate and timely your information will be. As we become aware of new ideas or tax changes we are better able to incorporate these into your business if we are involved in the day to day operations.

Our services include all aspects of payroll, T4’s, T5’s, bank and cash reconciliation’s, GST, PST, WCB, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Let us take care of it or you.

Business Start Up Assistance

Business Start Up Assistance

  • Should I incorporate my business and how do I do that?
  • What government agencies should I register with?
  • What types of records should I keep and for how long?
  • What is the appropriate way to compensate myself?
  • What agreements should I have in place?
  • How should I structure my company?
  • Do I need help with my cash flow and financing concerns?
  • What’s the best system for bookkeeping?
  • How do I obtain financing?
  • When should my annual year end date be?
  • When are the various government reports due?
  • Should I set up my books on accounting software?

We can help you with all these questions and much more.

Business Valuation

Business ValuationAre you interested in selling or purchasing a business?

  • Do you sell or buy assets or shares?
  • Are you involved in a separation, divorce, shareholder or partner dispute and require buyout values?
  • Considering rolling your partnership or proprietorship into a company?
  • Is an estate freeze or capital gain in your future?

These questions can all be cleared up and implemented at C&A, including any Certified Valuation Reports you may require.